Westley Farm and the Bryn Athyn College are once again collaborating to produce fresh, all natural chicken. We raise chickens on the pasture where, in addition to natural ration of grain, they eat fresh grass, insect and all the other things chickens naturally eat. The pasturing method results in a more nutritious and delicious chicken.

            Last year we produced nearly 500 chickens –about 2,250 lbs of healthy sustainable chicken. I use ‘we’ because I had loads of help from many people and every customer is part of the process. Everyone involved is supporting a local and environmentally sustainable food source, something I find very important. I was truly amazed how many people wanted to see, know and experience how pastured poultry is produced. If you want to know more about the process or participate even more in the process, I encourage and welcome you to do so. Just contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). There are so many ways you can help. I just love raising sustainable food. I feel we share this love together. Some of the more labor intensive parts of the process are not captured in the pastoral pictures I have sent to you, but just knowing we are providing healthy food makes it a true labor of love.

 This year we will be providing only Cornish Cross. Last year we raised mostly Red Rangers. I found that more people preferred the meatier Cornish over the Red Rangers. The price this year will remain $4 per pound. The average weight per chicken will be between 4-5 pounds that translates to between $16-$20 per chicken.