Westley Farm and the Bryn Athyn College are collaborating to produce fresh, all natural chicken. We raise poultry on the pasture where, in addition to a certified GMO-free ration of grain feed, the chickens eat fresh grass, insects and all the other things chickens naturally eat. This method results in a more nutritious and delicious product. Chicken(s) can be picked up on the farm at the Bryn Athyn Bounty Farm Market on Saturday mornings of the designated dates (location here). The first batch of chickens will be available June 24th with further batches to be announced in the coming weeks -the order form has dates chicken will be avialable.  Cost for whole chicken is $4.25 per pound. This a 25 cent increase over last season, and the first price increase in four years. Weights range between 4 and 5 pounds for a price of $17-$22 per chicken. Pay when you pick up. Westley Farm and Jackson Folly Farm collaborate to provide pasture raised turkeys which will be availbale a few days prior to Thanksgiving (Nov. 21) -Standard breed $4.5 per pound. Reserve your chicken(s) and turkey(s) by pre-ordering online -click on the order form link at the top of the page. More information


Westley Farm and the Bryn Athyn College are once again collaborating to produce fresh, all natural chicken.  We raise chickens on the pasture where, in addition to natural ration of grain, they eat fresh grass, insect and all the other things chickens naturally eat.  The pasturing method results in a more nutritious and delicious chicken. 

                 Last year was a learning experience.  We produced 240 chickens –over 1,120 lbs of healthy sustainable chicken.  I use ‘we’ because I had loads of help from many people and every customer is part of the process.  Everyone involved is supporting a local and environmentally sustainable food source, something I find very important.  I was truly amazed how many people wanted to see, know and experience how pastured poultry is produced.  If you want to know more about the process or participate even more in the process, I encourage and welcome you to do so.  Just contact me. There are so many ways you can help.  I just love raising sustainable food.  I feel we share this love together.  Some of the more labor intensive parts of the process are not captured in the pastoral pictures I have sent to you, but just knowing we are providing healthy food makes it a true labor of love.

 This year we will be providing only Red Rangers.  Last year we raised mostly Cornish Cross (the standard production breed used by nearly all mass producers).  While this strain does very well in the pastured poultry model, the Cornish Cross were not as lean and delicious as the Red Rangers (we produced about 50 Red Rangers last year).  The Red Rangers are aggressive foragers and grow slower, taking about 9 weeks to reach market weight as opposed to 7 weeks for the Cornish. The price this year will remain $4 per pound, the same price as the Cornish last year.  The average weight per chicken will be between 4-5 pounds that translates to between $16-$20 per chicken.

Last year, our chickens sold very well with minimal marketing.  This year, I plan to increase production and market more aggressively.  So if you want chickens, I encourage you to preorder. See below for availability dates.  If you are worried about over ordering and freezing them for an extended time, we will provide your chicken in a vacuum sealed bag for an extra $0.5. Vacuum sealing removes most of the oxygen which over time will react with the food to degrade quality and taste.

Dates that chicken will be available:

May 31

July 12

August 23

October 11

Terms and Conditions

The product

a)      We sell all natural pastured raised whole chicken. All our chickens are raised, harvested, processed and sold on the farm

Picking up your chicken

a)     We do not deliver

b)     All chicken can be picked up at the BA bounty Farmers market on indicated dates between 9 AM and 11 AM on the date requested

c)     Call me (215) 266-8826 if you are not going to make a pickup or will be late 

d)     After 11 AM, your chicken(s) may be sold to someone else

e)     First ordered, first served.  We will email if your order cannot be filled on a certain date

Price and Payment

a)     Cash or check at time of pick up

b)     Cost is $4 per lb. (most chickens will be 4-5 lbs.)

c)     There is an extra cost of $0.5 for each chicken if you want vacuum sealed packing.

d)     Our regular packaging is a twist tied bag

Your personal information

a)     We will never share your personal information

b)     We must collect this information for regulatory reason

If something changes with your order

a)      If anything changes in our schedule, we will contacted you via email and inform you of the changes

First ordered, first served

b)     Your order will be confirmed via an email

c)     If your order cannot be filled you will be informed via email

d)     If your order is not picked up before 11 AM on the date requested, your chicken(s) may be sold to someone else