Westley Farm and the Bryn Athyn College are collaborating to produce fresh, all natural chicken. We raise poultry on the pasture where, in addition to a certified GMO-free ration of grain feed, the chickens eat fresh grass, insects and all the other things chickens naturally eat. This method results in a more nutritious and delicious product. Chicken(s) can be picked up on the farm at the Bryn Athyn Bounty Farm Market on Saturday mornings of the designated dates (location here). The first batch of chickens will be available June 24th with further batches to be announced in the coming weeks -the order form has dates chicken will be avialable.  Cost for whole chicken is $4.25 per pound. This a 25 cent increase over last season, and the first price increase in four years. Weights range between 4 and 5 pounds for a price of $17-$22 per chicken. Pay when you pick up. Westley Farm and Jackson Folly Farm collaborate to provide pasture raised turkeys which will be availbale a few days prior to Thanksgiving (Nov. 21) -Standard breed $4.5 per pound. Reserve your chicken(s) and turkey(s) by pre-ordering online -click on the order form link at the top of the page. More information

Dr. Eugene Potapov from the Bryn Athyn College built an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with GPS and camera.   He took the picture below on April 14th, 2014.  Each dark green space is where the shelter was sitting for one day during the previous season (summer and fall of 2013).  It really shows the positive impact the chickens have on the soil. This season, I will track the area occupied by the chickens via GPS.  Then over the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015, we will track plant biomass as well as soil sampling to more quantitatively measure the impact of the chickens on the flora and fauna.